Creative Spotlight: Rita Barakat 

 ⁃ @rita_barakat_artist is one of the brightest people I have ever had the chance to meet, both literally and metaphorically! Her use of color and expression is one of many facets of her art and what has been a driving force in pressing forward on the route of her creative journey. 

 ⁃ From murals to blogs to self portraits, Rita has slowly but surely discovered the passion behind why all things art attract her like nothing else: the opportunity to connect with others. 

 ⁃ Just before COVID hit the US, Rita had suffered from a severe injury that left her bed ridden for over a month. Through this trial and time of waiting, the flame in her heart for art had been set ablaze. As a firm believer in replacing the lies and narratives that we believe about ourselves, Rita has become a powerhouse in showcasing the power of being individualistic and embracing who you are, to many women and people across the board. 

 ⁃ Thank you for shining your colorful light on the value and beauty of being an individual. I had an amazing time speaking with you and hearing your story on @jump_creator_genius_podcast. I cannot wait to see where and what you are going to do next! 

Go check out her page and show her some love.


♥️- Rebeca Flott

Creator Spotlight: Sam Maxwell 
Today I’ll be sharing about an artist I featured on my podcast, Sam Maxwell. He is a fellow creator, artist, husband, teacher, and father. Here is a little bit about his story: 

- Sam Maxwell is a jack of all trades, from painting to writing to designing, creativity is his strong suit. Although he works with many mediums, his favorite by far is shoes. From childhood, he had a deep appreciation for fashion and design, seeing it as a form of art. One day, he decided to create something of his own. With a thrifted pair of shoes and some paint, he first pair of custom made shoes was born! 

- When Sam began his work with shoes, he relied very heavily on his faith to guide him. Whether it be the color scheme or type of shoe to use, he allows the voice of God to guide him and bring something beautiful and new. 

- One of my favorite moments during this podcast was when he tells about prophesying to his seventh grade class. He was able to see his students through the eyes of God, and see their destiny and purpose beyond a singular moment. 

- Sam reminds us to tend to the spark that ignites our dreams and deepest desires. Shut the noise down! 
Don’t forget to check out his page and be inspired! 

Love, Rebeca ♥️


@Samumaxwell on instagram

@Samumaxwell @Youtube 


Thank you Sam!

Today at Jump The Amazing CEO Marie-Claire Cates of  skincare @acneexpert

Here is to all creators- You are creators

Marie-Claire Moved to U.S.A from Haiti Alone when she was 16, pregnant with a special needs baby, she conquer building a company an helping others with acceptance and love though skin care products!

Lets learn how to say I received it!such a heartfelt conversation! enjoy!

Connect with Marie-Claire Cates 

Love you guys!

Stay well and Safe





We have asked different creators, leaders, and entrepreneurs what they are learning during this COVID-19 season 

check out, and see what they said!

Love you guys 


Today we invited you to hear the "Boss lady Geri Bernard"

the creator of The glowing self!

Let's take a moment to learn from the Artist Boss Lady she is not only get to share a bit of her journey as a entrepreneur but she also shares that its time to pass our perfectionism  and move forward in creating the things we love most!

A bit about the Glow self...

Glow Action: Get in the habit of pausing in daily interaction. Find your breath. Find the beauty in stopping, waiting, thinking, and really listening. Listen to your gut/intuition, truly hear the person you're talking with and/or assess any situation that arises and take your time. There is no rush to react, that is a decision we choose to make for ourselves.
Now go get your glow on ✨(Geri Bernard)

Connect with Geri

 instagram @ authentically.gdb

Creator/Writer/Editor at The Glowing Self

Owner Painting with a Twist (Jacksonville, FL

   instagram pwatjax



much love 


Painting with a Twist started from humble beginnings in 2007 when two enterprising women — Cathy Deano and Renee Maloney — started doing their part to rebuild their Hurricane Katrina-devastated community. building a national brand!!

Today we have having a conversation with Cathy Deano

the Boss Lady!

some awesome tips for entrepreneurs here

here is some of her favorite quotes


seek peace but be ready to go to war.” r.h. Sin


The best thing about telling the truth is that you don't have to remember what you said.


for more go to


love you guys !!!2020 it's going to be incredible!


In this episode I put together some clips of my top guests of 2019.

There is some really great stuff in this one!

Merry Christmas and Happy 2020 

I can't wait to see you again in 2020 for more creativity and the journey to success

Love you guys

Rebeca Flott

A amazing conversation with Kathleen Peter

As a recovering perfectionist who has been beating back shame for 40+ years and finally winning, I love to help women learn to celebrate the beautiful woman God made her to be while letting go of what shame would have her believe about herself.

Speaker, Author of Embrace You, Creator of Friend • Empathy online course, &

Host at What She Wishes You Knew Podcast



Love you guys 





My Best Friend and I travel to Tennessee this weekend for the Tribe conference! Together we discovered so many amazing truths that I want to share with you guys!

special mentions-






Because they inspired us and we want to say thank you.

Thank you for for showing up and being our friend!


Are you have to create your legacy ? Episode 71

Today in this Episode is a conversation my Friend Jevon Bolden Literary Agent, Editor, and Writer 

A great interview for people that feel called to write a book! So many tools for success here!

"To be a voice, you have to be ready to stand strong and firm in what your calling is. You have to be brave and be ready to speak up and speak out. You have a voice. You must use it." Jevon Bolden 

Connect with Jevon Bolden @


Thank you so much for being here friends, it means so much to me!

Much Love Rebeca


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